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Tons of Fuckin' Sequins

I blog at STFU Fauxminists. This is my personal blargh. I work my thoughts out here so not everything I say is The Way I Absolutely Feel About An Issue. Probably still not interested in your opinion about whatever I'm saying, though.Other stuff here: Feminism, Xena appreciation, forever Zutara feels, communism, complaints about my period, misandry, video games, Parks and Recreation, and various other hipster shit. Title inspiration can be found here.
Aug 27 '14


when people label every goddamned thing they do as feminist

"This salad I made is very feminist"

"My outfit is extra feminist today"

My lovely anevianbottlefellout made me the perfect picture for this and I figure you will appreciate it at this moment:

Aug 27 '14

registering for the CPH


Aug 25 '14


this is your moonthly reminder that this video still has under 300k views on  youtube when thiis should be your go to song to play at any house party.

Aug 25 '14

rly weird for me to see people who argue in favor of porn being upset with beyonce’s “eat the cake anna mae” line

like yeah that line is abhorrent but look at what you beat it to

Aug 24 '14
Aug 24 '14


pretty sure “celebration of the female form and taking agency over one’s body" is Innocent Male Feminist™ for "show me ur titties"

Aug 24 '14

goin’ the witch store today I’m so excite

Aug 24 '14

Like I don’t know much about her but uhhh the thing she wrote for Cosmo was Grade A awfulness 

Like seriously: 

All too often, we act as if there is a right and wrong way to be a feminist, when that’s not the case. We can and should adopt the kind of feminism that best suits who we are and what we want. If getting political isn’t your thing, that’s fine.”

Like no could u not

Aug 24 '14

Roxane Gay is the worst why do people on this site like her what are her redeeming qualities because I cannot find any

Aug 24 '14

I want to go back to NC where there’s cool mountains and trails and waterfalls and shit. Like I want to go to Chimeny Rock and that place that had the natural rock formation where it was a waterslide and shit.